Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Comparing Value Resorts

There are five Disney Value Resorts to choose from when staying on property and trying to stay on a budget.

The original three Value resorts are identically laid out with 2 double beds and a bathroom, quick service  food court, multiple pools including a main themed larger pool with no slide, and a laundromat at the pool area.  These three resorts share one busline that stops at one, then the next, then the final one. This takes additional time and is not my favorite thing about these options.  Each is themed based on the title and identically priced.
Standard VALUE room

  • All Star Sports

  • All Star Movies

    • All Star Music

    • Pop Century is the fourth value resort. It is themed to look like pop culture throughout the decades. This resort as the exact same features listed above but has it's own bus line and is smaller than the rest.  (still very large but not like the original three).  This is my favorite of the first four due to the single bus line.

    • Art of Animation is the newest Disney Value resort and is different than the rest. I have an entire blog in detail on this resort from our stays there. Art of Animation Blog  It has it's own dedicated bus line like Pop Century but is much bigger than Pop Century.  There are two different room type at this resort:
      • Standard Value Rooms with 2 double beds and a bathroom that allow up to 4 people. these are all themed Little Mermaid
      • Family Suites with one queen bedroom, a large living area with a murphy double bed and a pull out sofa bed. It includes two full bathrooms and a kitchenette. These are themed Nemo, Lion King and Cars at booking you choose your themes they are priced identical.
    • Clients LOVE that this resort is immaculate and incredibly well themed for children 12 and under.
    • Clients HATE the long walk to the drink stations/food courts and bussing. Little Mermaid is on the far end  and the longest walk.

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