Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Disney's Moderate Resorts

Four Moderate Resorts:
To answer the most commonly asked questions:
FAVORITE: easily Port Orleans French Quarter
LEAST Favorite: Coronado Springs because it is ridiculously spread out and not really intended for children. It is a convention area. It would be perfect for adults going alone or families with older, mature teenagers but only if you pay to be up front in a more preferred area. Here is an entire blog on our Coronado springs stay.
Caribbean Beach Resort (up to 5 people)
Caribbean Beach Resort is a Pirate themed resort. This resort underwent renovations allowing which replaced double beds with two queen beds and some rooms for five people have an extra children's bed.

Caribbean Beach also offers Pirate themed rooms. These are an additional fee and only allow up to four people. The beds are always double beds. All connecting rooms in the pirate area connect to other pirate rooms. So if you are booking more than one room for your party and you want to be together you need to book the same room category.

The pool is also pirate themed. There is a main pool and a children's water play area that has a wrecked pirate ship with water spraying out.

Port Orleans French Quarter 
Port Orleans French Quarter is my family's favorite resort. It is the smallest of all the moderate resorts so walking to the food court or bus stop is much quicker. We always stop in the food court to use a snack credit and get a delicious beignet!

The rooms have two queen beds and allow up to four people.

The pool has King Triton riding a sea serpent slide. It is a nice resort with a small children's play area. All moderate resorts have pools with hot tubs.

TRANSPORTATION Port Orleans French Quarter has bus transportation to all parks and boat transportation to Disney Springs. Children (and some of us adults) love the boat ride because it goes through a wooded area.

Port Orleans Riverside Resort 
Port Orleans Riverside is connected to Port Orleans French Quarter and allows up to five people. This resort is designed to be similar to New Orleans. Like Port Orleans French Quarter there is a boat to Disney Springs.

All rooms have two queen beds. Rooms for up to five guests have a small children's size murphy bed.

An upgrade option at his resort is the ROYAL Room. This room is fit for a princess! These rooms only allow up to four but the beds are both Queen beds.

The pool at Port Orleans is 'Ole Man Island and includes a hot tub. There are also lots of quiet pools positioned throughout the resort.

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