Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How Does Disney's Dining Plan Work?

Is it worth the cost: Yes, we love it for a couple of reasons. If you have kids 9 and under there is no doubt the cost savings is enormous. If your kids are 10 and older they are considered adult pricing so your savings is not as high. However, you will save some money and you will also have the peace of mind of paying everything before you go.

Most adult table service meals are $30-45. I would never spend that much on a meal and would not enjoy my trip doing that every day and paying as I go. However, as part of the package, paid and done in advance I can enjoy my meals on property. Pick anything on the menu including an entree, drink and DESSERT. I would not normally do that because I would find the pricing ridiculous.

Finally, I do not personally get a discount on dining. I generally pay for 5 'adult' dining plans and I choose to do that every time because I believe it is more than worth it for the savings and convenience.

What's Included:  
  • Your meal entitlements are connected to how many nights you SLEEP on property. So if you stay five nights you get five meal credits.
  • Dining plans are priced based on age and time of year. Children are ages 3-9 and Adult prices are ages 10 and up. Children not yet 3 at the time of check in are not charged and do not have credits. However, they are welcome to eat at all buffets.
  • The cost is about $60/Adult and $21/Child
  • Each person will get 1 Table Service, 1 Quick Service and 2 Snacks per night they stay as well as 1 refillable drink mug to use at the resort throughout your stay for coffee, tea, and soda.
  • At check-in your rooms entire stays entitlements are loaded to your magic band. This means if you are a family of 4 and you are staying 6 nights; you will have 24 table services, 24 quick services and 48 snacks shared on your families magic bands. These are all connected. Theoretically one person could use them all (then you disown that person!)
  • This meal plan is completely flexible. You can use the meals in any order and any time of day. So, you could use ten snacks the first day if you wanted to. You can skip a day of table service meals then have two the following day if that's easier for you. You can have table service meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Quick Service

What's Not Included: 
  • alcohol
  • gratuities for table service meals (groups of six or more will be charged 18% automatically even if you are splitting the check into groups of less than 6)
  • appetizers

  • Are the character meals limited? No, you can eat character meals every day.
  • Can we share meals? Yes, my daughter and I often share meals and then end up with 'extra' quick services at the end of the week to use on a breakfast. You cannot share table service meals that are buffets or all you care to eat. However, if you are ordering off a menu you are welcome to share it is just really hard to plan.
  • If we only get one quick service and one table service a day, what do you do for the third meal? We never eat breakfast at Disney, we bring cereal, donuts, pop tarts and granola bars. Quick service breakfast options have not impressed me at Disney so that's the meal we skip.

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