Saturday, December 27, 2014

Magical Extras

One of my favorite things about booking Disney vacations is all the creative ways my clients add some magic to their trips.

  • Pin Trading:Kids love to collect pins at Disney. Cast members wear pins and are required to trade with you if you ask for them. My daughter has collected several different things throughout her 10 years of pin trading at Disney. She originally collected every Aurora pin and now she collect Duffy Bear.  Follow this blog to find tips and hints to pin trading!
  • Autograph books: you can make an autograph book to bring but I suggest buying one at Disney. They are about $20 for a photo autograph book. The left side of the page has a slot for photographs and the right side has a place for characters to autograph a personal message or signature to your child.  Once you get home and print photos your child has a great keepsake to tell everyone her Disney Story. You can buy these in your hotel gift shop or anywhere on Disney property.

  • Penny Press: This is an inexpensive keepsake for kids that like to be on a little adventure. You print a map before you go of all the pressed
    •  penny locations:
    • Each time you want a pressed penny you pay 50 cents and a penny.

    • Crystal with Little Miss Macy's Boutique had a great idea!  The kids carry around these mini m&m containers personalized for them with quarteresand pennies to use at each penny pressing machine.

    • You can buy these books at Walt Disney World to organize, save and display your pennies.

  • Get character and personalized clothes and bows from great local vendors:

  • Emma's Bows for a Cure is my daughter's nonprofit business that donates all the proceeds to children fighting cancer.

Hairbows and necklaces can be ordered online and shipped at

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