Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Visiting Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is a park that celebrates the movies.  You will find some of your favorites: Toy Story, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, The Muppets and Little Mermaid. You will find some of your favorite characters from the movies here, too.

The rides in this park offer something for all types from children to thrill seekers!  My favorite ride here that definitely requires a fastpass is Toy Story Mania. This ride always has a very long wait and is totally worth it. If you did not reserve a Fastpass+ for this one try to get here early in the morning to get a fastpass. 

There are thrill rides here: Rockin’ Rollercoaster and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror are both great rides. These tend to get longer lines as well and you should get your Fastpasses early in the day or go straight to this ride at park opening.

Indiana Jones is a live performance and is fun for all ages.  This is a stunt show that allows guests to volunteer to take part in the remake of scenes from Hollywood Studios. There are great Indiana Jones toys to buy here including his legendary hat and coat as well as the weapons (keep in mind you have to get these home and if you are flying they have to fit in checked luggage).

The Great Movie ride is a ride with actors. This can be a scary ride for timid children. We love this ride as it takes you through some of the greatest movies of all time. It is a slow moving tram but there are some violent scenes (the movie Alien and some shooting scenes from old gangster movies) that might need to be avoided with little ones.

This park is not my favorite park for eating or snacking.  However, I have found some items I do seek out when at this park.  Starring Rolls CafĂ© has giant cupcakes and some snacking options. Writer’s Stop is a small bookstore with giant cookies and coffee. I am never impressed with Quick Service here so just make the most of it, Pizza Planet for those that enjoy Toy Story is probably the best bet.

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