Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Disney's Magical Express and Transportation

Disney is a well-oiled machine! Transportation is amazing and gets you seamlessly from one location to the next but it can be a bit overwhelming initially. If you're flying, you should have your Magical Express YELLOW sticker luggage tags 21 days before you go, if you don't have them email me so there is still time to get them.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If traveling from the airport to Disney you will use Disney's Magical Express, this complimentary shuttle will work efficiently to move large groups of people from the Orlando airport to each Disney Resort.

  • Your checked luggage will need to have the yellow luggage tags on each piece of luggage so that Disney can retrieve it, if you have done this you will not need to retrieve your luggage when you arrive at Orlando airport, it will magically appear in your room a several hours later as long as you arrive BEFORE 10 pm. Since you won't see your luggage for a few hours, carry on anything you will need initially including medication and any necessary changes of clothes for young children.

  • When you arrive by plane, follow the herd to the monorail that takes you to the baggage claim and transportation hub of the Orlando airport. When you step off the monorail follow the herd again towards ground transportation. You will take an escalator downstairs following Disney cast members.
  • You will be asked for Magic Bands to scan to board the Magical Express 
  • If you forget and pack your Magic Bands just report to the Disney Desk and show id an they will get you on a bus, do not fret!
  • You will board a bus and have about a thirty minute ride to your resort. You will want to have a couple of dollars to tip the Magical Express driver. We tip $1 or $2 for each item we stow under the bus.
  • When in doubt ask, ask lots of questions from Disney Cast Members. They are everywhere and happy to help. There is often more than one way to go from place to place so ask for the most efficient route.
  • Buses NEVER connect one resort to another. The importance to this statement is getting from your resort to your dining reservation. If you are eating at Chef Mickey's (the Contemporary), Whispering Canyon (Wilderness Lodge), 'Ohana's (Polynesian), Cape May Cafe (Beach Club Resort) and 1900 Park Fare (Grand Floridian Resort).

    • These reservations require you to travel from your resort to Magic Kingdom then take a bus, boat or monorail to the resort where you have reservations.
    • Leave yourself some time to get from one location to another. I would suggest an hour travel time.
  • Buses load at the front of every resort and sometimes have multiple pickup and drop off locations at some of the larger moderate resorts. When you go to the bus area there will be signs showing you where to wait for each park. You will wait in line and easily board the bus when it arrives. You will be shocked how many people fit on each bus.
  • Fold up your strollers before boarding buses.
  • You can get from EPCOT to Magic Kingdom by Monorail.  You can get from park to park by bus.
  • You can get from Magic Kingdom to Contemporary, Polynesian and Grand Floridian by monorail and the kids will love it.
  • You can get from Magic Kingdom to Wilderness Lodge by boat.
  • DO NOT attempt to memorize all of this, honestly all cast members can tell you how to get somewhere. It will work out :-)

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