Sunday, October 2, 2016

Controlling the GIMMES!

Controlling the ‘Gimmes’….you know the whining and fussing that your kids need every stuffed animal, tiara and piece of Disney magical plastic!

You have saved and planned for a magical (and expensive) trip don’t let the kids steal the fun by making you feel guilty at EVERY store that each ride dumps your family into! 

After purchasing far too many Buzz Lightyear light up spinning spaceships and Aurora Tiaras, here is my motherly advice!

  •  I never let my kids purchase anything in the first few days of the trip. You can find almost everything at other parks and Disney Springs, the only exception I can think of is Star Wars and Indiana Jones items at Hollywood Studios. Don't worry that you won't be able to find the same junk (I mean Disney merchandise) elsewhere later in the week if they are still begging for it.  SO, when they start begging on day one, you take a picture with your phone so they think you are listening to them and assure them that you will keep that in mind throughout the week but there will be many more must haves to come and you don’t want them to miss out on the much cooler items because the money is already gone.

(one of each, please)

  •  I would have a limit in mind. One item each child, $25/child or some amount.  Give them a Disney Gift Card and once it’s gone, you’re done!  Whatever is in your family’s budget and plans. Then STICK TO IT. Let them know their limit and help them to decide within that limi
  • The key is to put them off and remove them from the much needed Disney item covered in pixie dust!  Once you leave the store it will lose its hold on them. I mean, seriously, look at this theming:         


  • Depending on the age of your children, we let ours bring a predetermined reasonable amount of their own money to buy beyond what we will spend.  We have been enough that they know begging and whining will get them nowhere!

  • Finally, Disney makes spending VERY EASY! With the new Magic Bands, a wave of your band across the scanner and your item is purchased with no effort at all.  It will be charged back to your room and placed on your credit card, how thoughtful of them! They will also deliver anything you purchase to the gift shop at your resort to pick up. So, go ahead and buy that princess a 4 foot teddy bear, they will have it waiting back at the resort!

(Note your family will not be this clean, picture perfect and happy)
  • Keep in mind, weapons from Indiana Jones will not be allowed in Carry-on.  We managed to buy a wooden 2 foot rifle one year and were grateful when it fit diagonally in our luggage, THINK before you purchase!

  • Purchase light up items at the $1 store to use at night at Disney so you are not tempted to buy their light up novelties.
  • Buy cute t-shirts at Target prior to going for  ½ the price. You can even pack them and bring them out during the trip as a surprise left by characters. 

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