Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Should I buy the Memory Maker?

One of the most recent questions I keep getting is: 

Is the Memory Maker worth it?

What is the Memory Maker?
Initially Disney introduced this as the Photopass+ option. With a few minor changes it became Memory Maker. You can pay one set price at least 3 days in advance ($149) and get all the photos taken while on Disney property available for digital download for the 45 days following your trip. This is available during your stay but will cost an additional $50 ($199).

What picture options are available?

  • Character greetings often, but not always, have photographers available to take your photos.
  • Several major rides and attractions snap a photo while you scream in terrror or grab the stranger next to you!
  • Photographers are positioned at MANY key spots to take your photos to get your whole family together in front of the castle, the park entrances, and many other highlights.

How does it work?
  • You can add Memory Maker to your package at the time of booking or after booking you can login to My Disney Experience and purchase it at least 3 days prior to arrival.
  • It will be synced to your Magic Bands for everyone in your room so anytime a photographer takes your photos they will scan your band and they are automatically added. Everyone on your My Disney Experience Account will count on YOUR purchase.

Is it worth it?
Back to where we started this blog, is it worth it? I have mixed feelings about this.  

  • If you are the kind of family that gets overwhelmed with the need to buy the ride pictures, it is definitely worth it. Each ride photo is $16.95 for one 8x10 so getting them all included is a steal.
  • When you have the Memory Maker you can get your entire family in the photo because no one has to stay out to take the photos. 
  • You will end up with some excellent photos that can be used to make photobooks, calendars or gifts.
  • You really do have to stop and get your photo taken or there won't be any photos on your download! I know that sounds obvious but it is sometimes hard to slow down when you see the photographer.
  • There might not always be a photographer there to catch your child's reaction to something so you will still want a camera.

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