Sunday, October 2, 2016

Packing for your Walt Disney World Trip

Each time we travel I hand each of my kids their own packing list. I know this sounds crazy but this really cuts down on the havoc in the house. I started this when they were about 7. When they are under 12...or immature, I have them lay everything out in outfits and I check it before it's in the luggage.

We bring cases of water in checked luggage because we fly Southwest. A bottle water is about $4 at crew drinks over a case of water in a week.

So this is my list complete with all the items MY family needs. I have made notes of things you might want to add as well as things that are at Disney that you don’t need to pack. There is a pretty big store at every Disney Resort but obviously prices are silly.

I did not remove things to make it generic because I thought it might help you remember what all you need to pack for your family. We do laundry at Disney because it is right next to the pools and it allows us to bring less.

Each Person
Wear/take there on plane
4 shorts outfits

if flying you won't have access to bags immediately
6 underwear


shorts outfit

6 socks

tennis shoes

2 pjs

sling bag for each tween or older (during trick or treat season)

1-2 bathing suit

cell phones

1 hoody


1 pair jeans





magic bands WITH you not packed

contact solution

licenses- check expiration date

contact case

cash-we use magic bands/cards so we bring very little cash. Maybe $200

extra contacts

credit cards


hearing aid batteries

Hair bows

Provided in Disney Hotel
hair ties

shoes/flip flops to go to pool

pool towels
Parents/Teens only

hair dryer
feminine hygiene

alarm clock

ear drops


You may also consider
diarrhea meds

children's chewable meds

children's pepto bismal
hair brush

cortisone cream
hair moose

Magic bands


wet wipes
ponchos $1 store

hand sanitizer
pins and lanyards

sippy cups

dish detergent -for resort cups to wash them in your in room sink
memory card

bottle brush/sponge to clean refillable cup

hearing aid drier

insurance cards

laundry detergent and laundry bag

quarters for laundry

Anti-chafing cream for men

prescription meds


backpack for the park

baggies for cereal and large gallon size if you want somewhere to put phones and cameras on water rides.

Happy Packing! 

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