Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Disney-What NOT to do!

I get a lot of questions on what to make sure and do at Disney.  People should ask what NOT to do because oftentimes that will make more of a headache for you then missing something.

  • When your kids are melting STOP! Do not continue, do not get in line, do not do MORE, just stop!
    • get them a snack in an air conditioned facility
    • go back to the hotel and swim or just call it a day and get to sleep.
    • it is okay to break your itinerary, you will be miserable if you try to make them last.
    • Remember, the exception is a scheduled table service. Those must be canceled 24 hours in advance. You can still try calling to cancel last minute and see if they will forego the $10 per person cancellation for being last minute. 1-407-939-3463 Disney Dining
  • Do NOT rely wholeheartedly on the My Disney Experience app. It has stopped working several times. PLEASE print your itinerary including dining times and your Fastpass+ times from My Disney Experience before you leave home. If you do not do this I will not be able to access it for you.
  • Do not put princess shoes on your princess!  If she is going to fight to wear them bring real shoes and socks in your backpack. You will be walking a lot and the princess will turn into Maleficent!
  • Do not cram so much into a day that everyone is scrambling and not really taking it all in.
  • Do not stand in the entry way to a park in complete awe while thousands of people pass you and get on rides.  All of that magnificence will be there after you take advantage of early hour ride times in the parks.
  • Do not miss opportunities for candid snapshots of your kids when they approach a character. Often the best pictures are before the posed picture when they are walking up to their favorite character.
My princess, Emma, meeting Cinderella. This is the picture before the posed photo.

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