Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fastpass+ Step by Step

I've been getting lots of questions and concerns about HOW making Fastpasses actually works.
First some quick info:
  • It will not show correctly on My Disney Experience until your 60 day mark. Do not be concerned that people are not showing up or you see a picture asking you to scan something. If you have linked everyone together by requesting to be linked within My Disney Experience your entire group will show up (if you are traveling in a group).
  • You can make fastpasses for everyone at one time as long as your reservations are linked. However, it does have to be past everyone's 60 day mark to make theirs.
  • You can make your entire length of stay Fastpass+ reservations at the 60 day from vacation mark. 
  • Anna and Elsa: try to get those as far into your vacation as possible.
  • You can choose up to three Fastpass+ reservations per day and all three have to be at one park. These will include character meet n greets, shows and rides.
  • You can change their time and ride anytime by logging back in, so don't stress too much if you aren't sure what to choose.
  • While at Walt Disney World, you can make additional Fastpasses inside the parks after your time for your current Fastpasses has passed. Thus, you may consider making your Fastpasses fairly early in the day.
  • You can login at midnight.
  • When making the Fastpasses in advance use your computer, not your phone app. You will use your phone app on property or you can utilize kiosks.
  • Technical support for Disney: 407-939-4357
  • You cannot make plans for others in your party before their 60 day mark, I know, I thought that would be a fun loophole, too. :-(
STEP BY STEP picture guide :-)
Once you login to www.mydisneyexperience.com scroll down on the first screen until you see this image.

STEP 1: Click "Make Selections"

STEP 2: Choose who will ride that ride. This might only be the girls if it is an Anna and Elsa viewing, then you can go back through again and send everyone else somewhere else. This is where you would add people staying in other rooms. If you are linked they should all show up here. If they are not, try adding them or call technical support. Once you click everyone in your party you will click NEXT.

STEP 3: Choose the day AND the park you are getting Fastpasses for, you will do one day at a time. If you want Anna and Elsa, go to this date first. I suggest your latest date you will be in Magic Kingdom. You are more likely to have availability.

STEP 4: Choose three rides you want to fastpass. Then click next.

STEP 5: You will see a screen like this. At the top it says "Best" or you can click on the others for other time options.  Keep in mind you can choose this first listing, then move on and reset the time of one at a time if a fastpass is available at a different time. You can also cancel or change individual rides without losing all of them.

STEP 6:You are done with that day, now scroll down and it will tell you to make your next fastpass. Click and repeat this for the next day of your stay.  

FYI: Tiered System at Hollywood Studios and EPCOT
At Hollywood Studios and EPCOT they have rated their rides. Those that are most popular are considered Tier 1 the rest are Tier 2. You will see on the screen the listings separately. You can only choose one Tier 1 ride and two Tier 2 rides. At Hollywood Studios I would choose TOY STORY for Tier 1. At EPCOT I would choose SOARIN as Tier 1.

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