Friday, July 25, 2014

General Tips for Sandals Trips

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  • Island Time: accept that the people here are so friendly and hospitable because they slow down and enjoy life. Their smiles and attitudes are contagious. Keep in mind, they will not be doing very many things QUICKLY. Don't get upset just plan for slow motion and go with it. Yah Mon!
  • If you're not an alcohol drinker there are still a ton of really great drinks frozen or not that you will want to drink while here since they are FREE!  As a non-drinker I would also tell you this is the place to try every drink you've heard of because you aren't paying for it anyway!

  • If you are a coffee addict, keep in mind, there is great coffee!!  However, the only sweetners are Splenda and sugar.  Pack sweet n low if needed.
  • Pack sunscreen, bugspray, passports, driver's license
  • Talk to the staff and ask questions. They are incredibly helpful.  Let them help you enjoy every minute of your trip.
  • You will NOT be allowed to tip on property but you will be wanting to tip the baggage handlers at the airport and your transfer driver. We tipped $5 for the both of us for bags at the airport in and out as well as transfer drivers in and out. We bought a few shirts and jerk seasoning in the gift shop. Our total spent in Jamaica was less than $200 for our trip. Only $20 of that on tips for drivers and luggage carriers, the rest was things we chose to buy.
  • Excursions are available but there truly would be enough to do without doing that.
  • You will receive a nightly newsletter that let's you know all the fun activities going on at the resort the following day. Bring a highlighter from home to highlight those things each day you don't want to miss.
  • Bring bubble wrap and tape, if you buy alcohol or jerk seasoning in a glass bottle you will want to secure it in your checked luggage.
  • Download the Magic Jack app to your phone and call your cell phone company the week before you go to determine if there is an international calling plan. Learn about your current plan and what will cost money. Ask about texting.
  • Call your credit or debit card companies so they know you are traveling and they can note that so your purchases out of the country won't be stopped for fear of fraudulent purchases.
  • You will mostly wear bathing suits and cover ups to do the FREE Sandals activities including glass bottom boats, snorkeling, diving, tubing and more.  You will throw a cover up on to come inside and play pool, cards or any of the nightly activities in the common areas hosted by the resort.  

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