Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What's the BEST time to go to Disney?

This is one of the most common questions I am asked.  As you might have guessed this is not a simple answer and has a lot to do with your family's schedules, interests and what you are hoping to see or avoid.

First major decision: Are you trying to travel following a school calendar? If yes continue reading here:

  1. Fall Break: If you are part of a school system with 1-2 weeks off in October this is a wonderful time to travel for the following reasons:
    1. Good weather (65-90 degrees)
    2. Great Halloween decorations and parades
    3. Halloween Party-this is an extra admission ticket but well worth the price (about $60/person) this allows you to come at night to the Magic Kingdom after 4 pm until midnight. You can wear Halloween costumes if you choose and trick or treat throughout the park.  The number of tickets sold is limited so 
    4. You quickly get through the lines to your favorite rides.
    5. Crowds are reasonable. You definitely want to plan ahead but it is reasonable to manage the parks.
2. Christmas Break: Leave as early as you can when school is out, or a couple of days early if you can pul them out of school.
    1. The weather is even milder than Fall Break! 
    2. The Christmas decorations are like nothing you have ever seen before. They are truly magnificent.
    3. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party-like the Halloween party a limited number of tickest are sold for these special nights that allow you to ride the rides efficiently.
    4. FYI-the week between Christmas and New Years is incredibly busy, I encourage families to go prior to Christmas day.

3. Summer:
    1.  This is the easiest time to go as far as scheduling around school.
    2. Go as quickly in the summer as you can to avoid the heat of mid July!
If you can travel anytime:
  1. January-mid March: This is a great way to save money on your Disney trip.  The weather is often cool 60-80 degrees. Keep in mind it can be too cool for some and is unpredictable. I much prefer a jacket over sweating gallons!
  2. May: Good discounts and Star Wars weekends
  3. September or November: There are excellent discounts. If you go towards the end of either month you will get to see the upcoming decorations
When would I avoid going...
 I think my Disney Enthusiasm is clear but there really are times I would NOT go to Disney.
  1. Christmas Week
  2. Spring Break

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