Thursday, October 10, 2013

Disney Tips Day 11: "That was not on the itinerary!"

So you have read all my blogs, bought six Disney books, made notes and asked everyone that has ever been for pointers...then you arrive and something goes wrong!

  • Your child is sick: Well, this all depends on how sick is sick. 
 Make sure and bring standard meds with you. We always pack anti-diarrhea meds, tylenol, ibuprofen, bandaids, antibiotic ointment...
    • If you have something that you can call home and tell your doctor and have a prescription called in (like your kid frequently gets ear infections), Disney has delivery set up to get your prescription delivered to the front desk.(
    • If you need to see a doctor call the front desk at your resort and ask them how to proceed. They will get you the numbers to area immediate care centers and complimentary transportation is available.
    • If you are in a park, ask a Cast Member to direct you to the First Aid Center, nurses are on staff to help with mild medical care and administer over the counter medications and bandaids.
    • You picked the wrong shoes and that blister is reminding you...go see the nurse to see if you can put on a bandaid to make it less painful.
    • Bring extra clothes to the parks if your kids are still small.  We once finished a meal in Pinnochio's and didn't even make it out the door before our then 4 year old vomited on her only pair of tennis shoes.  I still don't know where the employee came from. He swooped in like a superhero with that orange powder and had it cleaned up before I could even register what was happening!  If this happends, don't die of embarassment, you are one of many!
  • Your child is throwing a fit!

    • My husband and I often whisper when we pass this full tantrum..."the child wins again!" Don't pretend like you're in charge. Let's admit it, since that bundle of joy entered the world, their less joyful moments have controlled your whole family! They are crippling.
    • Try to head off a tantrum by paying attention. You may go 8 hours at Disney without eating but your child cannot. Bring snacks and feed them throughout the day so they do not get starved! This causes the serious condition that is debilitating for my husband, HANGRY (angry hunger)
    • When they are tired, STOP! You will not win by pushing past their limits. Either go to Hall of Presidents to get them to sleep or go back to the hotel. You know your kids, they may need a daily nap.  
    • I have much older kids now and I often have to concede park opening allowing them to catch up on sleep. This is hard for a diehard Disney enthusiast but the truth is, allowing them those extra hours of sleep makes for much nicer kids the rest of the day! We often stay out until midnight or 1 a.m. The weather is better and the moods are better with much lighter crowds.
    • You want to yell back and throw your own tantrum, don't.  It definitely doesn't make things better.  Hang in there, stay calm, talk quietly and know this, too, shall end.
  • Dining Reservation...doesn't quite fit into my plans!

    • This is a bit tricky. If you have reservations at some restaurants  (including all signature meals, all character meals and a few others) you have to cancel 24 hours in advance or they can charge you $10 per person. 
    • If something comes up do not call me, I may not see your call immediately. Call: (407) 939-2625. SAVE this number in your contacts now so you will have it if something happens! Even if it is last minute try to call and plea your case someone might be understanding and forego the fee. The can also try to find you new reservations.

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