Saturday, October 5, 2013

Disney Tips Day 7: Animal Kingdom Park

Animal Kingdom is a great park for families that enjoy animals.  This park is not one that takes all day and I suggest you visit it midweek to take a break and get in bed early this night to catch up on sleep.  The hours are generally 9-5 and you will have no trouble seeing the whole park in this time.

When you arrive, grab a times guide or check your Disney App to find out when the shows will be. Festival of the Lion King is a must see show for families of all ages. It has singing, acrobatics and crowd involvement.  It is impressive and fun.

There are lots of animal encounters including a petting zoo. I am allergic to everything so I do not go to this area and my allergies stay in check (for those of you with allergies). 

The Kilimanjaro Safari is an excellent ride for the whole family. Since the animals are live on a savannah the safari changes with each trip. Get to this early in the day to see more animal action. Many animals lay in the shade during the afternoon heat and aren’t too exciting to watch.

Dinosaur and Expedition Everest are great for the adventurers. Dinosaur is pretty scary and rough. This is not a good idea for timid children.  Expedition Everest is a fast coaster that goes both forward and in reverse.  If you want to ride this one and the family isn’t interested jump in the single rider line (it’s there look for it) and you will get through the line and done with the ride in 15 minutes! My kids and I often ride this single rider and just sit with strangers to avoid waiting in line or fastpassing it.

It’s Tough to be a Bug! is a show inside the giant Tree of Life in the center of the park. This tree is really something to see! It is carved with animals. This show is a little scary but most children will like it. It is 3D so we just have them take their glasses off if they get scared.

The Boneyard is a fun play area for young children that can allow you to sit down and rest for a few minutes.
Kali River Rapids is a fun water ride to ride when your nearly done with the park so you don’t have to walk around wet!

Quick Service meals here are pretty good. Flame Tree BBQ is an excellent bbq quick service location with big portions. Pizzafari has a decent pizza option.

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