Thursday, April 11, 2013

SURPRISE! You're Going to Walt Disney World!!

I often get asked for ideas on how to tell children about their surprise trip to Disney

1. We wrapped a bathing suit and Disney Gift card and allowed each child to open it, we told them if they could guess what that gift went with we could GO there right now!

2. Scavenger hunt of clues to piece together the surprise.

3. Wrap a box with helium balloons inside, have a sign attached to the strings so that when they float out it says, "We're going to Disney!"

4. Tell them you are going on a trip so they have everything packed and drive to Disney instead (depending on age!)

5. Mickey shaped pizza, when you lift the lid, "We're going to Disney!"

6. If they are young, send them a letter from their favorite character inviting them to come for a visit.

What are your great ideas??? Share them for others!

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