Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stroller Tips

I am often asked by clients whether to bring their own stroller or rent one each day at Disney. Unfortunately, there is no obvious answer. You actually have three options. You can take your own stroller, rent a stroller on Disney property or have an offsite stroller rental agency deliver one to your resort. Let's review your options.
  • BYOS...Bring Your Own Stroller: If you bring your own stroller you will have it in the airport both directions until you get to the plane door where they will take it and stow it under the plane last minute. When you arrive at your destination they will have it waiting as you exit the plane.  Theoretically, this is great. However, you will watch in disbelief as they forcefully THROW your nice stroller under the plane. We have had  strollers returned with bent wheels.  This is up to you and  would depend on how valuable your stroller is and whether you have a case you would package it in.
  • Rent one at Disney: This is convenient for a couple of reasons. First, no planning, you walk in and pay for the day. You can pay once and then you will have a receipt. So, if you move from park to park in the same day you show your ticket and you will be given another one at the next location for no charge. No dragging them through the airport or on the Disney Shuttles.
    • Single Stroller Rental: $15/day 
    • Double Stroller Rental: $31/day
          You can also rent for 'length of stay'; you pay one time at the beginning of the trip for multiple days
    • Single Stroller Rental for Length of stay is reduced to: $13/day
    • Double Stroller Rental for Length of stay is reduced to: $27/day

Double Stroller with a 2 and 4 year old (cutest nephews ever!)

Off Site Rental Info by Melissa Tunis:
We loved renting this stroller because you don't have to worry about taking your own and risking yours getting beat up on the plane. The price is cheaper than renting from the park and it is a lot more comfortable. They deliver the stroller to your hotel the day you check-in. We don't like going back to the room because the kids always end up falling asleep on the bus and are wide awake when we get back to the room for naps. Then we waste time trying to nap and get annoyed when they don't fall asleep. We at this point are exhausted from laying down in a dark room and now they are ready to go to the pool. The seats lay back almost completely. This picture is not a good example of that. So, we normally stay at the park most of the day and the kids nap in the stroller while we shop in the air conditioning without them grabbing everything.  We ended up liking this stroller so much that we bought one on Craigslist.

Rental Double stroller with Mister and Miss Tunis

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